Bill's Journey
Bill's Personal Journey
Ian Thomas said, “God never intended for you to live the life that only Christ can live in and through you.” When I first heard those words in the Fall of 1998, I was stunned! Why? I had become a Christian at age 18, but in the ensuing years I believed that it was up to me to live the Christian life with God’s help. As a result, I worked for God, trying to be worthy enough to earn His love and to be accepted by Him. It was a life of jumping through religious hoops and hoping to measure up to God’s standards for living the Christian life. During that time I had tremendous struggles with inadequacy, fear, and anxiety. I would read the promises of freedom, victory, healing and transformation but none of them were becoming an experiential reality in my life. The abundant life promised by Jesus in John 10:10 seemed unreal and impossible to ever experience.

After 30 years of living this “performance-driven” life, I was exhausted, in despair, and ready to give up! It was at that point that God revealed to me the truth through Ian Thomas that it is not about me living the Christian life FOR God. Rather, it is about God living His life in and through me. As a result, at age 48 I began letting God do this, and He began to make radical changes in my life. The greatest transformation came in the form of freedom from my bondage to inadequacy, fear, and anxiety. As I began to experience His transforming power in transforming my life, my passion grew to share these truths to Christians. I closed my business, and in 2001 I went into full-time ministry to share with others these same life-transforming truths that are so radically impacting my life.